Not able to cook?

Life happens!
  • Post-partum
  • Pre-/post-op
  • Life transition
  • Transition to special diets such as GF & AIP
  • Illness, recovery, healing
You don't have to sacrifice your health. Enjoy nutrient dense food to fuel your life. 
  • Gourmet-tasting meals made with healthy fats & anti-inflammatory foods
  • Bone broth 
  • Probiotic lactoferments
  • Gluten-free 
I prepare days' worth nutrient-dense food using your kitchen. Some families like to keep some fresh for the week and some of it frozen.
Batch cooking ingredients plus my fees result in the total cost per meal being $4 to $12 depending on quantity and ingredients.

Learn to cook! 

Take a few lessons and become a healthy, creative, efficient cook. My curriculum can include:
  • Special dietary & financial needs
  • AIP, GF, paleo, vegetarian
  • Group, family or individual
  • Batch cooking
  • Probiotic lactofermentation
  • Learning to understand labels, ingredients & navigate the market
  • Learning to save time & money
  • Foraging, gardening
  • Herbal teas & tinctures
I live in southern Colorado, but I love arranging travel to visit large groups like gyms and organizations!  Get in touch with me here.

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