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Remy Olson, LMT

Hello, friend.


I am privileged to share the gifts of therapeutic touch. I look forward to being a small yet important part of your path, and you on mine. Here's a little bit about me in terms of why I practice bodywork:​

  • To share practices that contribute to pain relief & growth.

  • To enjoy & deepen the experience of embodiment.

  • As a professional, spiritual & physical means to serve an interconnected planet.

My approach is both energetic and physical:

My framework for addressing the energetic body comes from a Traditional Chinese Healing perspective of the laws of Nature. Pain or imbalance indicates a disharmonious flow of "qi" in the body. The application of awareness (or pressure, texture, sound), especially upon particularly receptive places on or around the body provides an opportunity for healing or, in other words, returning to a harmonious balance.

Physically, I offer an integrated massage for pain relief & relaxation. My techniques combine a variety of methods including Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, Reiki, and sound healing. 


Your session will be tailored to the interests and needs you define and the methods you agree to prior to the session.

The most common words my clients use to describe how they feel after sessions are, "revitalized", "reset," and "peaceful".

My Education & Licensure

  • BA, Biology from Case Western Reserve University, 2006 

  • Crestone Healing Arts Center, 2021

  • Licensed & Insured Massage Therapist in Colorado, 2021

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